From 2003 to 2007, I served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman.  During this time I deployed multiple times to Iraq with 3rd BN 5th Marines and it was during these deployments that I started becoming increasingly interested in firearms and their applications.  Since my life, and the lives of my brothers, often depended upon the working order of my weapons, I started learning more about them and how to keep them working at their optimum potential.

A few years after leaving the Marine Corps, I began working at a Police Department as a Communications Officer.  Soon after being hired on, I began working with the SWAT team, helping during training and sharing my experiences and knowledge I learned in combat.  I quickly found that the department was in need of gunsmithing services, and began learning everything I could about the weapon systems that were common within the department.  This was the real beginning of my quest to become a true gunsmith. 

My pursuit of gunsmithing led me to the Sonoran Desert Institute and their Firearms Technology Degree Program.  The program had a great mix of hands-on projects and traditional scholastic assignments providing vasts amounts of knowledge.  While there is no substitute for experience, this program offered a fantastic foundation and base of knowledge to begin a career as a working gunsmith. 

In 2016 I began shooting competitively.  This was another catalyst to dig deeper into gunsmithing and start building my own purpose built firearms.  This period of trial and error, building and tuning, gave me more insight into the working relationship of firearm components than anything else.  This is where I found my love of pistolsmithing and customizing which has become the staple of Esim Gunworks.